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Article: Pore Care That's Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Pore Care That's Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Pore Care That's Gentle on Sensitive Skin

What is the Ideal Pore Care for Sensitive Skin?

Troublesome pores are a source of stress for many women. Pore strips, peelings, and scrubs. There are various ways to address pore problems. However, since many of them are too irritating to the skin, numbers of people cannot adequately care for their skin.

Have you given up on your pore problem because you have sensitive skin? Our skincare approach is gentle on your skin and has a reliable effect on pores.

What are the Tips for Treating Pores?

Sensitive skin has a low skin barrier function and is vulnerable to external stimuli, so a skincare that minimizes skin irritation is essential. At the same time, it is important to cleanse the skin thoroughly with daily skincare to solve pore problems.

Below are some tips for those with sensitive skin to keep in mind when cleansing their skin.

(1) Thoroughly cleanse the impurities from deep inside the skin.
(2) Don’t wash away the nutrients necessary for the skin.
(3) Don’t give stress to the skin and perform daily care.

Let us explain each item in detail.

About (1):
To solve pore problems, high cleansing power is essential, but it also plays a role in creating a pathway for skincare ingredients to penetrate into the skin efficiently.

About (2):
If even the sebum necessary for the skin is removed along with the impurities, it can cause the skin to dehydrate. Be careful, as dry skin can lead to a loss of the barrier function.

About (3):
To solve pore problems, it is important to continue the care everyday. Choose a skincare product that is gentle for the skin and can be used daily.

Our Clear Gel Cleanse is designed to be a makeup remover that can be used daily without stressing the skin and that even people with sensitive skin can feel the effects of on their pores.

Focus on Water

Clear Gel Cleanse is a makeup remover that focuses on water, the essence of life. The base water is produced by a patented process that makes it possible to reduce surfactants to the minimum. (Japanese Patent Application No. 2001-156837)


  • Makes it easier for impurities to rise to the surface
  • Prevents skin damage
  • Enhances penetration of active ingredients

It has a high affinity with the skin and helps to lift makeup, making it easier to remove impurities while preventing irritation. Also, it has the effect of enhancing skin penetration of active ingredients and boosting skincare effects. Its efficacy on the skin has been verified through third-party clinical trials under the supervision of a doctor.

Our skincare formulas and processes are very simple and are rooted in the Japanese sense of beauty. It is designed to be simple yet have maximum effect.

Harmony with Nature

It treats sensitive skin while removing makeup. Natural plant extracts that are gentle to the skin are blended in unique ratios. It nurtures healthy, well-nourished skin while removing impurities.

Key ingredients

  • Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Leaf Extract

Also called plant-based Hyaluronic Acid. It is known to have high moisturizing and antioxidant properties along with the ability to minimize the effects of UV rays.

  • Citrus Junos Fruit Extract

Known to be quite similar to ceramide and strengthen the skin’s barrier function, resulting in moisturized skin.

  • Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract

Inhibits the factors that cause open pores, blackheads, and sagging.

Achieves Both Gentleness and Effectiveness

Fleuri was developed under the supervision of skin experts who have treated the skin problems of more than 20,000 people. We have thoroughly pursued “what is truly necessary for the skin” in order to provide the greatest effect through self-care.
As a result, we have realized a skincare that is simple, yet healthy and effective for the skin.

We achieve gentleness and effectiveness at the same time. Moreover, we even care about the environment.

Pursuing gentleness to the skin tends to result in makeup remover that isn't very effective.
To achieve both gentleness and effectiveness, Fleuri’s signature Clear Gel Cleanse was developed over a period of about two years by a team of more than 30 people, including doctors and aestheticians.

Moreover, it is a cleanser that is also gentle to the environment.
By using Fleuri, we believe you can truly feel the importance of daily care.

Chika Nakanishi, RD and Aesthetician
Fleuri Development Team

Chika Nakanishi, a co-developer of Fleuri and herself an aesthetician, points out the importance of not only being gentle on the skin, but also being able to see the actual skincare effect. Under the supervision of beauty experts, Fleuri was developed by utilizing the know-how to achieve both a simple formula that is gentle on the skin and an effect on pores.

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