A Makeup Remover that Focuses on Pore Problems Makes its Debut in the U.S.

Jan. 1, 2023 - 4min read

Pore problems are a common skin concern for men and women of all ages and nationalities.

Not a few people have been concerned about their pores for a long time. Pore strips, peelings, and scrubs; there are many ways to address pore problems. Among them, did you know that J-Beauty, the skincare born in Japan, has been a leader in pore care? Pore strips, a well-known pore care product, is actually a skincare item that originated in Japan.


Our skincare products aim to solve pore problems by utilizing the experience and knowledge we have gained from our many years of engagement in the Japanese beauty industry.

J-Beauty Resolves Your Pore Problems

Japan is undoubtedly an advanced beauty country, and skincare products born in Japan are recognized for their effectiveness and are popular outside of Japan as well. And the most common skin problem among Japanese women is the pore problem. Originally, Japanese skin has high sebum levels and tends to sweat easily due to the high temperature and humidity of the Japanese climate, which are bad conditions for pores. Therefore, many solutions to address pore problems have been actively created in Japan.

Our starting point was an aesthetic salon that we opened in 2002.

To Stop Recurring Pore Problems

We have dealt with the problems of more than 20,000 women, and one of the problems that many women consulted us about during treatment was pores. Pores can be treated at aesthetic clinics, but if they are treated every day, it can cost a lot of money. If treated only once a month, the condition will get better temporarily, but it will eventually return to its original state. So we arrived at the answer: "In order to achieve truly healthy skin, basic skincare products must be fully functional."

Remove Impurities from The Pores

First and most importantly, daily skincare is the key to treat pores. Especially, daily makeup removal, a step which removes makeup and impurities accumulated in pores, is important. Our Clear Gel Cleanse is a makeup remover chosen by many customers for its gentleness to the skin and effectiveness on pores.

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse

Fleuri was developed over a period of about two years under the supervision of Japanese skin experts, including dermatologists and aestheticians. It has been appreciated by many customers and has sold more than 8 million bottles to date. (Series total sales as of April 2022)


Amazon No.1

*1 Sales Ranking in Cleansing Gel Category (As of June 2019)

Rakuten No.1

*2 Daily Ranking in Cleansing Category (May 31, 2020)

Girl No.1

*3 Cleansing Category (As of April 2019)

Fleuri is available online and in more than 7,600 popular shops in Japan.(*4) It has also been featured in various magazines.

*4 As of March 2022


*6 Grand Gold Quality Award 2014–2021
*7 Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover in Jan–Oct 2019
*8 July 2014

Clear Gel Cleanse has undergone third-party clinical trials with the supervision of a doctor. The trials on 27 target concerns proved the product’s efficacy on skin, including pores, texture, and dullness. (*5)

Clinical study results

After the first use:

  • Significant improvement in clogged pores has been reported
  • Significant decrease in sebum level has been reported

After 4 weeks of use:

  • Significant improvement in skin texture has been reported

The results of the verification of the effect on pores were published in a medical journal.

*5 Efficacy results of one-time and 12-week clinical trials using Clear Gel Cleanse on the skin of 10 subjects.

Changes in Sebum Levels

Our makeup remover thoroughly removes impurities while leaving your skin healthy. Clinical trial results reported a significant decrease in sebum level after a single use.

High Level of Satisfaction

394 out of 421 (93.6%) consumers positively evaluated the changes in pores. *9

*9 Based on a survey by Medical Court, Inc., Japan in October 2011.

Clear Gel Cleanse is the best choice to solve pore problems.

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