Enlarged Pores? Blackheads? Reduce and Remove Them with Japanese Beauty Wisdom

4min read | Written by Jennifer Rock - May. 1, 2024

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Fleuri, Japan #1 makeup remover specially for pores has finally launched in the U.S. Our skincare products aim to solve your pore problems by utilizing the experience and knowledge we have gained from our many years of engagement in the Japanese beauty industry.

*1 Sales Ranking in Cleansing Gel Category (As of June 2019*2 Daily Ranking in Cleansing Category (May 31, 2020) *2 Daily Ranking in Cleansing Category (May 31, 2020) *3 Cleansing Category (As of April 2019)

Do You Have Large Pores on Your Face? Does It Bother Your Appearance?

Your pore size is basically determined by genetics, sun exposure, your age and anything that can impact your sebaceous-oil gland. As you age, you lose your skin infrastructure, collagen and elastin, which support your skin pores. This can cause what is called 'open pores'.

Excess build up of skin cells and oil can also expand the follicle and cause enlarged pores. It starts when your oil glands make too much oil. This oil then combines with dead skin, dirt, make up and together they clog the pore. This blockage does not allow the free flow of the oil which makes the pores expand, causing enlarged pores. Enlarged pores are very common around the nose area, which typically has more oil glands. These blockages, once exposed to the air, oxidise, forming blackheads.

So how do we reduce our blackheads? It is really all about having an effective and consistent skin care routine.

How to Remove Enlarged Pores and Blackheads

The first and foundational step in any skincare routine is to remove makeup and impurities. One of the biggest reasons why enlarged pores occur is that people go to bed with their full make-up on. Make-up is one of the main reasons why clogged pores happen in the first place.

Use a gentle cleanser that does not dry your skin, such as Clear Gel Cleanse. If your cleanser is stripping away your natural sebum extensively, this will lead to more production of oil and you can enter a vicious cycle of over production of oil.

A very simple regimen, but it is important to “continue” these steps on a daily basis.

We developed Fleuri’s Clear Gel Cleanse as a makeup remover to be used daily without stressing the skin and actually make you realize the effect on pores.

1. Focus on Water

Clear Gel Cleanse is a makeup remover that focuses on water, the essence of life. The base water is produced by a patented process that makes it possible to reduce surfactants to the minimum. (Japanese Patent Application No. 2001-156837)


Makes it easier for impurities to rise to the surface

Prevents skin damage

Enhances penetration of active ingredients

It has a high affinity with the skin and helps to lift makeup, making it easier to remove impurities while preventing irritation. Also, it has the effect of enhancing skin penetration of active ingredients and boosting skincare effects. Its efficacy on the skin has been verified through third-party clinical trials under the supervision of a doctor.

2. Clinical Trials Conducted

Clear Gel Cleanse has undergone third-party clinical trials with the supervision of a doctor. The trials on 27 target concerns proved the product’s efficacy on skin, including pores, texture, and dullness.

After the first use:

  • Significant improvement in clogged pores has been reported*4
  • Significant decrease in sebum level has been reported*4

After 4 weeks of use:

  • Significant improvement in skin texture has been reported*4
*4 Efficacy results of one-time and 12-week clinical trials using Clear Gel Cleanse on the skin of 10 subjects.

Our skincare formulas and processes are very simple and are rooted in the Japanese sense of beauty. It is designed to be simple yet have maximum effect.

3. Harmony with Nature

Clear Gel Cleanse nurtures the skin while removing makeup. Natural plant extracts that are gentle to the skin are blended in unique ratios. It nurtures healthy, well-nourished skin while removing impurities.

Key ingredients

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Leaf Extract

Also called plant-based Hyaluronic Acid. It is known to have high moisturizing and antioxidant properties along with the ability to minimize the effects of UV rays.

Citrus Junos Fruit Extract

Known to be quite similar to ceramide and strengthen the skin’s barrier function, resulting in moisturized skin.

Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract

Inhibits the factors that cause open pores, blackheads, and sagging.

4. High Level of Satisfaction

Clear Gel Cleanse is the best choice to solve pore problems. 394 out of 421 (93.6%) consumers positively evaluated the changes in pores. *5

It has been appreciated by many customers and has sold more than 8 million bottles to date. (Series total sales as of April 2022) Fleuri is available online and in more than 7,600 popular shops in Japan. (As of March 2022) It has also been featured in various magazines.

*5 Based on a survey by Medical Court, Inc., Japan in October 2011 *6 Grand Gold Quality Award 2014–2021 *7 Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover in Jan–Oct 2019 *8 July 2014 .

Real Reviews

It's working already!

I was really skeptical about the claims this product makes regarding clogged pores. But I can say that only have used it for 1 week there is a noticeable difference!

- Shelley

Blackheads are fading away!

I’ve only been using this cleansing gel for less than 2 weeks, and the blackheads keep getting smaller and smaller. And the crustiness that always came around my nostrils is gone.

- Susan

Love the clear gel

This is a soothing smooth face cleaner. Doesn’t irritate my skin and leaves a clean feeling.

- Barbara

5. Change the Future of Your Pores

Our starting point was an aesthetic salon that we opened in 2002. We have dealt with the problems of more than 20,000 women, and one of the problems that many women consulted us about during treatment was pores. Pores can be treated at aesthetic clinics, but if they are treated every day, it can cost a lot of money. If treated only once a month, the condition will get better temporarily, but it will eventually return to its original state. So we arrived at the answer: "In order to achieve truly healthy skin, basic skincare products must be fully functional."

First and most importantly, daily skincare is the key to treat pores. Especially, daily makeup removal, a step which removes makeup and impurities accumulated in pores, is important. Our Clear Gel Cleanse is a makeup remover chosen by many customers for its gentleness to the skin and effectiveness on pores.

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