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Fleuri - Unveiling Your Radiant Beauty

Put an end to your long-standing pore concerns.

Although aging is a lovely and natural process, it frequently comes with a number of skin-related problems, many of which can have a substantial negative influence on senior women's self-esteem and confidence. Especially noticeable in the overall health of the skin is the condition of facial "pores." When you look at your face in the mirror, do you find yourself concerned about the condition of your pores? Whether it's blackhead pores, enlarged pores, sagging pores, and more... With improper care, these issues can become increasingly serious.

In this article, we will explain tips for pore care that you should keep in mind as you age, and how our Clear Gel Cleanse is an optimal solution for many women troubled by pore issues.

Importance of Makeup Removal

The most crucial aspect for skin health is properly cleansing away impurities from the skin. However, facial cleansing alone is not sufficient. To maintain skin health, the step of "makeup removal" is essential. Here are the reasons why:

Cleansers Can't Remove All Dirt

Most people believe that once they use a facial cleanser, their cleansing routine is complete. However, facial cleansers are unable to remove impurities containing "oil." Makeup removers are designed to eliminate "oil-based" impurities, while facial cleansers focus on removing "protein-based" impurities. The types of impurities they target are different.

Sleeping with Dirty Face is Harmful

Even if you're exhausted at the end of the day, you should still remove your makeup before bed. Makeup that is not removed before bed may lead to clogged pores, accelerated aging, and even bacterial infections if worn overnight.

Makeup Removal Lets Your Skin Breathe

It is crucial to thoroughly cleanse the skin at night, allowing it to breathe and aiding in the rejuvenation and repair process during sleep. If you don't take the time to remove your makeup at night, your skin won't be able to recover, breathe, and regenerate.

3 Reasons Pore Issues Worsen

If not addressed immediately, this issue could worsen the condition of your skin. Here's why:

1. Reduced Sebum Production:

A key factor contributing to the worsening of pore issues in older women is the steady reduction in sebum production. The natural oil of the skin is called sebum, and the activity of sebaceous glands (oil glands) tends to decrease in older women. Skin that lacks oil and tends to be dry may compensate by overproducing sebum, leading to enlarged pores.

2. Collagen and Elastin Loss:

Two crucial proteins for maintaining the structure and flexibility of the skin, collagen and elastin, are produced less frequently with age. As the skin loses these proteins, elasticity decreases, making it more prone to sagging. When the skin sags, it pulls on the pores, causing them to enlarge.

3. Hormonal Changes:

The changes in sebum production and the texture of the skin may be attributed to hormonal fluctuations during menopause. A decrease in estrogen levels due to hormonal changes can result in dry skin, making it more prone to excess sebum production, which can lead to clogged pores.

Therefore, it is crucial to identify a workable solution to this problem. A promising remedy to address this issue has come in the form of the skincare line Fleuri, designed specifically for mature women.

Fleuri's Clear Gel Cleanse not only effectively removes impurities from the skin but also features a natural formula that does not dry out the skin. It offers promise for restored self-assurance and enhanced self-esteem.

Fleuri - Dermatologist & Esthetician Supervised

Fleuri is more than just a skincare product; it not only removes makeup but also nourishes the skin, fostering its health. It is a comprehensive solution to prevent recurring skin issues.

The secret to the product's success lies in the extraordinary combination of all-natural ingredients in Fleuri's Clear Gel Cleanse. Carefully chosen by experienced skincare specialists, these ingredients each bring their unique benefits to promote healthy and radiant skin. This makeup remover has been widely acclaimed for its proven efficacy.

Best Japanese Makeup Remover

It has been appreciated by many customers and has sold more than 8 million bottles to date. *2

Dermatologist recommended

The effectiveness on 27 aspects including pores, texture, and dullness has gained attention and has been featured in medical specialty journals!

High Level of Satisfaction

Clear Gel Cleanse is the best choice to solve pore problems. 394 out of 421 (93.6%) consumers positively evaluated the changes in pores. *3

Why the Clear Gel Cleanse Works: The Secret to Achieving a Youthful Appearance

It may not be easy to discover a makeup remover that really lives up to its claims in a market flooded with skincare products that claim to be the next big thing. However, Fleuri products stand out as a powerful and effective treatment for achieving youthful skin. Not only does it remove makeup, debris, and bacteria, but it also unclogs pores without compromising the skin's natural moisture. There are several reasons why this magical elixir is highly effective:

Water-Based Formula:

One of the distinctive features of Clear Gel Cleanse is its unique water-based formulation exclusive to Fleuri. This groundbreaking approach maintains a strong affinity with the skin while reducing the use of harsh surfactants that could negatively impact the skin (Patented Manufacturing Process). It efficiently removes makeup and dead skin cells that clog your pores, leaving your skin feeling renewed and invigorated.

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Leaf Extract:

This ingredient completely alters the outcome of the mixture. This potent substance cleanses your skin while still retaining vital moisture. It serves as a barrier against the damaging effects of UV rays, keeping your skin young, supple, and healthy.

Artichoke Leaf Extract:

Artichoke leaf extract is a further advancement of Clear Gel Cleanse. This component blocks the production of substances that cause sagging skin, open pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. It helps you look more youthful and livelier by promoting soft skin.

7 Fruit-Derived Ingredients:

Extracted from seven fruits - lemon, hawthorn, jujube, lime, grapefruit, apple, and orange - these natural components provide the skin with clarity. Additionally, it helps reduce sagging, promoting firm and youthful skin.

Moreover, the product is free from the following additives.

Oil, alcohol, artificial colors, paraben, phenoxyethanol, petroleum-based surfactants, artificial fragrance, antioxidant, mineral oil, UV absorber, preservatives, silicone, petrolatum, phthalate, sulfate, SLS, formaldehyde, urea, and palm oil

Benefits of Fleuri's Clear Gel Cleanse for Mature Women

Fleuri offers a range of benefits for older women beyond skin-deep, promoting physical and psychological well-being. While Fleuri's primary focus is on skincare, its positive impacts ripple through various facets of life, making it a valuable addition to mature women's beauty and self-care routine.

Let's delve into the numerous advantages it provides, enhancing the lives of older women in multiple ways.

Improved Skin Texture and Appearance:

Fleuri's Clear Gel Cleanse undergoes clinical trials conducted by third-party organizations under the supervision of doctors. The results have shown a significant improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin. Many older women struggle with enlarged pores, leading to a loss of smoothness and radiance in the skin.

Fleuri helps reduce the size of these pores, contributing to a finer and more even skin texture.

This reduction in pore size enhances the aesthetic appeal and makes the skin feel smoother to the touch. The enhanced radiance and smoothness boost self-confidence and are visually pleasing, reflecting a youthful and vibrant appearance.

After the first use:

Significant improvement in clogged pores has been reported. *4

After the first use:

Significant decrease in sebum level has been reported. *4

After 4 weeks of use:

Significant improvement in skin texture has been reported. *4

Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence:

The psychological well-being of older women is intricately tied to their self-esteem and confidence. As the years pass, the visible signs of aging can erode self-assurance, leading to a decline in overall happiness.

Our origin lies in esthetic salons. Fleuri was born from addressing the concerns of over 20,000 patients. Fleuri's skincare products are pivotal in rejuvenating the skin and the psyche. When an older woman gazes into the mirror and witnesses the positive transformations Fleuri brings, it's not merely about vanity but empowerment. Seeing one's skin look better translates into feeling better about oneself, fostering a newfound self-esteem and confidence.

This boost in self-assuredness radiates throughout all aspects of life, leading to a more content and self-confident outlook. It's a reminder that beauty transcends age and that Fleuri's solutions are not just about skin; they're about nurturing every woman's inner vitality and well-being, regardless of her age.

The Bottom Line

Aging is a beautiful and natural process, but skin changes frequently occur, especially in women, and can potentially impact confidence and self-esteem. To achieve youthful and radiant skin, proper care for pores is essential, with a crucial emphasis on understanding the benefits and reasons behind makeup removal. The key is to thoroughly cleanse while not drying out the skin, and to consistently implement daily care.

Fleuri Beauty provides a solution in the form of Clear Gel Cleanse for women aged 50 and above. This skincare product features a formula designed to prevent recurring skin issues, removing makeup, promoting skin health, and delivering beautiful skin.

Real Reviews

"I started using CLEAR GEL CLEANSE the day I recieved it and love it more each time I use it. It’s different from any other cleanser I’ve used. When I wash my face I use circular motions and this removes both city dirt and makeup . A quick splash of water rinses leaving my skin smooth and bright. I am still receiving complements for my 72 year old complexion.
Thanks a bunch CLEAR GEL CLEANSE."

Mary Begue

"First time I used the Clear Gel Cleanse, my problem pores looked slightly smaller. My pores were so deeply clogged that it took months to completely clear them, but I now have “invisible” pores! Will always use this product! It’s the first one that actually reduced the appearance of my pores!"

Carol C

"I started using the clear gel cleanse a week ago and I swear the texture of my skin has improved. My skin feels smoother and the pores on my nose (my trouble spot) seem smaller! I love how refreshed my face feels after using this gel cleanse without feeling stripped of moisture."

Joy Morimoto

*2 As of April 2022 *3 Based on a survey by Medical Court, Inc., Japan in October 2011 *4 Efficacy results of one-time and 12-week clinical trials using Clear Gel Cleanse on the skin of 10 subjects

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