The Secrets of Water-Focused Skincare -A Dive into Japanese Beauty Wisdom-

Have you ever come across the concept of “water-focused skincare”? It may be a term unfamiliar to many, but it delves far beyond the realm of merely using water-based products. This innovative approach encapsulates a profound understanding of how water interacts with our skin and, more importantly, how we can harness its myriad benefits.

Japan's Water Wisdom

In the heart of Japan, a nation renowned for its timeless beauty, there exists a deep connection between water and skincare. The richness of Japanese beauty is symbolized by the onsen culture, where the reverence for nature, especially water, is deeply ingrained. This water is not just seen as a resource but is regarded as a symbol of purity and renewal. Centered around mineral-rich natural hot springs, this cherished culture emphasizes not only physical cleansing but also becomes a spiritual ritual, highlighting the harmony between nature and the human spirit.

And this wisdom, passed down through generations, continues to influence modern skincare. Water is not merely a cleansing agent; it is considered a vital element that activates and hydrates the skin.

Clear Gel Cleanse

Let's take a closer look at our Fleuri's products, focusing on water. Clear Gel Cleanse is not only one of our hero products but also an effective makeup remover. The base of this product features processed reduced water, employing patented technology. This reduced water boasts antioxidant properties, preventing damage to the skin, and excelling in moisturizing effects. This can lead to improved skin flexibility and enhanced penetration of active ingredients. Moreover, due to its high affinity, this special water helps reduce surfactants that can cause dryness and irritation, effectively removing makeup and unwanted impurities while minimizing irritation.

Our gentle makeup remover not only emphasizes the importance of its water base but also pays attention to the impact of facial cleansing wastewater. Are you aware that everyday facial cleansing wastewater can contribute to environmental pollution? Cleansing products containing chemicals can not only degrade water quality but also potentially harm fish and other aquatic organisms. Therefore, Fleuri products are made from natural ingredients, ensures that its components naturally decompose in the environment, reducing the impact on water quality and ecosystems.

Refining Mist

Next in line is our product, Refining Mist, which uses water as its base. This spray toner is formulated with natural minerals sourced from the mountains of Japan, aiming to support the skin’s inherent functions and achieve healthy, beautiful skin. Following the essence of Oriental medicine, which emphasizes harnessing natural materials to draw out the body’s natural power, our products aim to deliver the power of nature without dilution. Therefore, how can this water containing an abundance of 25 different minerals effectively benefit the skin?

Hydration Effect: Play a crucial role in aiding skin hydration and retaining moisture.

Skin Barrier Function: Particularly, iron and zinc support the skin's barrier function, reducing damage from external factors.

Antioxidant Properties: Possess antioxidant properties that help reduce skin aging and damage.

Skin Renewal: Promote skin renewal by accelerating the shedding of old cells and supporting the generation of new ones.

Not only can you expect numerous benefits from the magical water-containing mineral-rich Refining Mist, but it is also free from preservatives and additives, making it suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin. 

In this way, we incorporate harmony with nature into both the formulation and process of our products, embodying sustainability. Despite the often overlooked effectiveness of water, it plays a central role not only in our daily lives but also in skincare, which is often underestimated. Integrating water-focused skincare encourages us to rediscover the fundamental principles of skincare, enhancing the natural beauty and health of the skin through the power of water.

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