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Absorbs and removes dead skin cells and dirt from deep inside pores. The dense foam acts as a cushion to minimize the burden on the skin. Mineral-rich clay, nurtured for many years at the bottom of the Japanese seabed, is formulated to help remove dirt and impurities while providing moisture after washing.

100g / 3.5 fl oz

*Foaming net sold separately


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Why is it effective?

Mineral Clay Foam introduced the two-step blending process, a cutting-edge advanced Japanese technology. This process, which mixes raw materials in two parts, makes it possible to create a high-quality foam with elasticity even with a small amount. This high-quality foam, can be made easily by anyone, leaving skin feeling refreshed and moisturized after washing. Formulated with sea silt as a raw material and rich in minerals, absorb dirt and moisturize the skin. Sea silt is a natural material that has been nurtured for many years on the bottom of the Japanese sea. This gentle foaming formula is designed for sensitive skin.

Clinical Trial Results

Instant results*
・ Reported significant improvement in pore cleansing.
・ Reported significant improvement in stratum corneum water content.
・ Reported significant improvement in skin texture.

After 3 Months*
・ 11%: Significantly reduced in pore visibility
・ 45%: Increased stratum corneum water content.
・ 32%: Skin texture was significantly improved.

14 items: Skin condition evaluation improved*.

Moisture, dryness, softness, glow, smoothness, roughness, texture, makeup application, firmness, wrinkles, clarity, tight feeling after washing, brightness, overall satisfaction

* Efficacy results of 12 week clinical trial on 10 subjects using Mineral Clay Foam and Clear Gel Cleanse.

Japanese Clay

Since ancient times, Japanese people have focused on the beauty benefits of natural clay. The Mineral Clay Foam uses this natural clay, which has been nurtured on the bottom of the Japanese sea for a million years. It is rich in minerals and has the ability to absorb and remove dirt while locking in moisture to keep the skin hydrated.

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Leaf Extract

In Japan, it has been known as a highly effective beauty ingredient since ancient times and also known as plant hyaluronic acid. This ingredient has high moisturizing and antioxidant effects and the power to minimize the effects of UV Rays.

Sodium Hyaluronate

An ingredient with excellent moisturizing properties that is often found in high-quality Japanese cosmetics. Not only moisturize the skin, but maintain the moisture content of the stratum corneum, while preventing dryness.

Full ingredient list

Water, myristic acid, glycerin, propanediol, palmitic acid, K hydroxide, solbes-30 tetraoleate, TEA cocoyl glutamate, stearic acid, kaolin, sea silt, sodium hyaluronate, Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Leaf Extract, sodium cocoyl methylalanine, capric acid glyceryl caprate, polyglyceryl-2 laurate, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, glyceryl stearate, titanium dioxide, BG, sodium hydroxide, skim milk, milk protein, caprylyl glycol, 1,2-hexanediol

Formulated without

Oil, alcohol, artificial colors, paraben, phenoxyethanol, petroleum-based surfactants, artificial fragrance, antioxidant, mineral oil, UV absorber, preservatives, silicone, petrolatum, phthalate, sulfate, SLS, formaldehyde, urea, and palm oil

STEP 1: Wet a Foaming Net

Wet a foaming net with water and drain lightly. (Adjust the amount of water while a large amount of water may prevent making the dense form.)

STEP 2: Apply the Foaming Cleanser

Squeeze out about 1 cm foam onto the foaming net.

STEP 3: Create the Foam

Hold both sides of the foaming net and rub it in a circular motion about 30 times to create elastic foam.

STEP 4: Squeeze Out the Foam

When a fine foam is made on the foaming net, it is ready to squeeze out when an apple-sized foam stays on your palms even if you turn it upside down.

STEP 5: Begin Cleansing

Place the foam on the T-zone, cheeks and chin. Gently spread it over the entire area. Wash in a gentle circular motion so that your fingers do not touch your skin. Carefully wash the face down to the hairline.

STEP 6: Rinse

Rinse off once you have blended it all over. It is easier to rinse off if you gently remove the foam on your face first. The water temperature should be skin temperature (30-32°C), and rinse off as like wrapping your skin around about 30 times with running water. Rinsing properly without skipping here will lead to healthy skin beauty. The hairline and face areas are often left unwashed and it can cause skin problems. Rinse carefully, gently, and thoroughly.

STEP 7: Dry

After washing your face, use a clean towel to gently press over your face to remove excess water. Scrubbing will damage your skin. Gently putting a towel over your face is fine.

Precautions for Storage and Handling

・ Since the product is sensitive to temperature changes, please store it away from a bathroom (especially if use a bath dryer) and direct sunlight with high temperatures and humidity.

・ Due to the characteristics of the ingredients, the clay and oil may separate and turn yellow in color when the temperature changes. There is no problem using this product when this occurs but please use it after rubbing it lightly.

Texture : form

Fragrance : fragrance-free

pH : 8.8

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Repurchase - love this!

Hello Joyce,
Thank you so much for your kind review and for repurchasing our product! We're thrilled to hear that you love it. If you ever have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. We appreciate your continued support!

Vanessa Hedgepeth
Skin type: Combo to oily
Skin concerns: Acne, Pores
Age: 55 to 64

At this point my feeling about the product is neutral. I purchased the gel alone in a previous order and found that to be helpful so I thought I would add in the Foaming Mineral Cleanser and while it cleans well it is also drying

Hello Vanessa,
We appreciate your review and are delighted to hear that our makeup remover was helpful for you. Regarding your concern about Mineral Clay Foam causing dryness, we suggest using the product with a foaming net to create a rich, fine foam. This method minimizes friction, addressing dryness while ensuring effective cleansing.

Barbara McDonough

The clay would of been better if it came with the net

Hello Barbara,
We appreciate your feedback! To address your suggestion, we've listened to customer requests and now offer Mineral Clay Foam with a foaming net. Additionally, for your convenience, we've made the net available for separate purchase. We hope this improvement enhances your experience with our products.

Jeanette Craig
Skin type: Dry to mature
Skin concerns: Dryness, Pores, Sun damage
Age: 65 or over

I have been using the clay foam for 2 weeks and I love it. It has a nice soft feeling on my skin and leaves my skin glowing.

Hello Jeanette,
We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.
Please try to use it together with our other products so that you can see better results.

Great clay cleanser

Great clay cleanser!
I love clay cleanser but because I have sensitive skin, not all clay cleansers works for me.
This is super gentle yet clean my pores without feeling my skin dry!
You do need to use foaming net to make fluffy foam!
All you need is a little bit and this last a long time!
Great price for great clay cleanser!

Blunn Creek
Stuff is pretty awesome

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of facial mud masks -- AKA "mineral clay." I mud mask once a week (using the Now brand) and love the way it makes my skin look bright and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles & pores. I was intrigued to find this mud -- ahem -- "mineral clay" cleanser & thought I'd give it a shot. Gotta say, it is pretty awesome. It lathers up nicely once your find the correct tool (I did have have to search the drug store to find the required "facial net" lathering tool) but once that was accomplished the product lathered up nicely and went on smoothly. As expected when using a mud mask, the skin does feel a wee bit dry-ish after using, but after following up with a toner and a moisturizer the skin looks and feels great.

Note: You do need to lather it up with something because it will not go on the skin as-is like non-mud cleansers. I made the extra effort to find the "facial net" pictured, which kinda looks like a badminton shuttlecock, but I'm thinking one of those net shower balls will work. (I don't keep those around anymore because my dogs love to rip them apart and cleaning up all those little bits is a lesson in frustration. But I digress). I have sensitive skin & tested inside my elbow before use. No issues. Really good stuff.

Gentle mineral clay cleanser, foaming net needed

I have oily and sensitive skin, this clay cleanser works great for me. However it requires a foaming net to properly foam, without the net it does not lather up as good as expected. It would be much easier if they can include a foaming net as it is not a common thing in the US. Other than this, it is very gentle, and leaves my skin clean but non-drying. Worth trying.

Somewhat challenging

Maybe I don't understand the directions completely but it's a little challenging to use. It's possible that I may be using it incorrectly. I think it's high quality, and it does clean well. When I give a 3 star rating I don't consider that a negative rating, I find it acceptable. I'm just not sure I'm doing it right. But my skin does feel nice afterward.


In Japan, the importance of face cleansing dates back over 200 years to the Edo period (1603-1868). Notably, rice bran was utilized as a facial cleanser by maiko (apprentice geisha) and kabuki actors in Kyoto, and its efficacy has been recognized by modern skincare science. Consequently, face cleansing has remained an integral focus in Japan, with continuous study and significance placed upon it throughout history. Without proper cleansing, dirt on the skin's surface hampers the penetration and benefits of active ingredients found in lotions, serums, and creams. Thus, our dedicated focus lies in developing a formulation that maximizes the effects of skincare through optimal face cleansing.


When it comes to face-washing, the cleansing ability is of utmost importance. However, we prioritize the well-being of your skin by avoiding any ingredients that may be harmful, regardless of their cleansing capabilities. Mineral Clay Foam is specifically designed to be gentle and nourishing. We exclusively utilize proven hypoallergenic ingredients, including coconut-derived amino acids and sea silt. Our ultimate aim is to create a formulation that is not only safe for individuals with sensitive skin but also suitable for babies.

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