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BOOST SERUM -Skincare Boosting Serum-


Replenishes lost ceramides from aging and leaves the skin plump and soft. The ceramide-filled stratum corneum promotes and keeps the absorption afterwards lotions and serums.

40 ml / 1.3 fl oz

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Why is it effective?
Boost Serum contains a high concentration of nano-derived natural ceramide with proprietary formulation. Japan is one of the countries with the most advanced ceramide research in the world. Our ceramide penetrates deep into the skin with fresh state while maintaining the lamellar structure that exert ceramide's original strength.

Ceramide in the skin gradually decreases as we age, causing rough, dry, and aging skin.

Ceramide is the key to support the skin's moisture retention and barrier function. Filling deep into the skin with ceramides helps firm the skin without causing dryness. Plus, the ceramide-filled stratum corneum promotes and keeps the absorption of lotions and serums.

Natural Ceramide
Our ceramides are pure and non-synthesized ceramides extracted from natural products. They are compatible to human skin and have various functions.

・ Type 1 ceramide (EOP)
Reinforces the skin's barrier function and improves skin elasticity and firmness.
・ Type 2 ceramide (NS/NG)
Type 2 ceramides (NS/NG) have a high water retention function and are most abundant in human skin.
・ Type 3 ceramide (NP)
Reinforces the skin's barrier function and improves the moisture balance. Protects and repairs skin from dryness.
・ Type 4 and 5 ceramide (EOH / AS / AG)
Creates and retains a lipid barrier in the stratum corneum.
・ Type 6 ceramide (AP)
High water retention fuction, promotes turnover, and reduces wrinkles.
・ Type 7 ceramide (AH)
Controls proliferation of cells and maintains a balance of normal bacterial flora of the skin.

Highly recommended for
・ Cosmetic penetration problem
・ Dry and sensitive skin
・ Itchy and redness on the skin
・ Rough skin texture and appear dull or lack luster
・ Acne problems
・ Uneven skin texture
・ Skin feels rough
・ Flaky skin in babies
・ Visible wrinkles

Proprietary Ceramide Formulation
With advanced proprietary technology, we have made it possible to deliver ceramide deep into the skin while maintaining the lamellar structure that exert ceramide's original strength. It is difficult to deliver ceramide deep into the skin while maintaining the lamellar structure, but our Boost Serum locks ceramide in a special capsule and deliver to the skin with fresh state without destroying the lamellar structure.

Olive Fruit Oil
The material is highly compatible with human skin and has the effect of preventing moisture evaporation from the stratum corneum and softening the skin. It is expected to suppress roughness of the startum corneum, fine lines and wrinkles. The products with olve fruit oil is trending in Japan and this ingredient is used not only in cosmetics but also in food and medicines.

Rose Canina Fruit Oil
It is rich in vitamin C, which inhibits oxidation and reduces skin problems. It also has moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

Jojoba Seed Oil
Since this material is similar to that of human sebum and compatible with skin, it can prevents moisture evaporation from the skin by creating a thin film on the surface.

Full ingredient list
Water, propanediol, BG, sphingolipids, squalane, tocopherol, macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, olive fruit oil, crabapple fruit oil, glycerin, xanthan gum, pentylene glycol

Formulated without
Petroleum-based oils, unrefined oil, alcohol, artificial colors, paraben, phenoxyethanol, petroleum-based surfactants, artificial fragrance, antioxidant, mineral oil, UV absorber, preservatives, silicone, petrolatum, phthalate, sulfate, SLS, formaldehyde, urea, and palm oil

STEP 1: Spread the Forumula on the Palm of your Hands
After washing your face, allow your skin to settle down a little before using. When your skin is dry, apply 2 to 3 pumps. (If your skin is particularly dry, apply 3-5 pumps.)

STEP 2: Massage and Blend
Spread it on your palm and gently blend it into your skin. If you are concerned about dryness, apply in layers. Please refrain from patting as it may irritate the skin.

Texture : liquid

Fragrance : fragrance-free

pH : 6.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Great Serum

I love Japanese skin care and this is one of the best!
Sensitive skin friendly and works great.
Ita?s pricey but all you need is 2 pumps and last long time.
I have sensitive dry skin and this doesna?t cause any irritation or redness but make my skin smooth and well hydrate.
If you have sensitive skin, this is highly recommended!!!

Gentle and lightweight

This is a gentle and lightweight day serum for sensitive skins. Very soft and subtle feel on the face without leaving a residue. Non-irritating. Great for oily or combination skins.

Santa Barbara Gal
Very light serum which left my sensitive skin clear and feeling silky

My Skin Type: Pale, dry, sun-damaged, sensitive, prone to redness
My AM Facial Routine: Wash/exfoliate, serum, moisturizer with SPF
My PM Facial Routine: Wash, serum, heavier overnight moisturizer
My Review of this product:
Pros: Very lightweight-almost as thin as water, no discernable scent, absorbs quickly into skin, no stickiness after application, left skin feeling incredibly silky, works well under regular moisturizer, attractive bottle would look nice on any vanity
Cons: The waterlike viscosity makes it a little difficult to apply so you end up using more than necessary. It's relatively expensive for the size bottle and the amount you need to apply

Very Nice

Incredibly nice for people with sensitive skin. It's one of my go-to serums because it helps to soften my skin without dryness or irritation. It's lightweight and it absorbs quickly and it hydrates and nourishes really well.

Fendly Feedback
Hydrated Skin

This review is for Fleuri - Boost Serum.
I have super sensitive combination skin and this worked wonders on me.
The serum itself feels luxurious. It takes a while to absorb, but when it does it doesn't leave you looking greasy or shiny. Say goodbye to dry patches because this product hydrates unbelievably well.

Gaby at starting Fresh blog
A serum splurge

This serum by Fleuri is a splurge skincare item but it does feel lovely on the skin. I have combination sensitive skin and the dry, cold months leave my skin feeling so dry. This serum works well to hydrate gradually, leaving my skin feeling softer, supple and well hydrated. I like that the serum also works in hot humid weather. I used it while traveling in Asia and it doesn't feel heavy in hot and humid weather.


This serum is excellent.
Great ingredients to help provide nourishment for daily use.
A bit expensive, but has premium ingredients.

Used half of bottle so fara| works great on my skin

Before I start to use, I thought it is too pricey. However, it actually works great on my skin. I consider it is similar to SK-II facial treatment plus gives a bit more moist to the skin. I just need to use one pump each time , so it last longer that I expected. The bottle and pump is good quality. I will get another one after I run out of it. I use it with my La Mer cream and they are so far wonderful combination for my very dry and sensitive skin.

Replenish Ceramide

Ceramides are considered to play a key function in both retaining moisture and protecting the skin from external stimuli. However, ceramides in human skin gradually decrease with age, researches has shown that by the time of 50s the amount of ceramides will be the half of 20s. Based on the fact, the high-quality ceramides have developed in Japan over many years. Our proprietary ceramides can penetrate the skin without compromising its function and retain moisture longer, leaving the skin hydrated without dryness.

Strengthen Skin Barrier

Skin with ceramide loss will be difficult to have the effects even with strong formulation. This is because if the skin lacks ceramides, there is a high possibility that the formula will not penetrate deep into the skin and evaporate due to dryness. Therefore, filling the stratum corneum with ceramide in advance and creating a base is the key to obtain the maximum effect. Our Boost Serum works to promote deeper penetration of ingredients and longer-lasting effects of lotions and serums.

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