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CLEAR GEL CLEANSE -Gentle Makeup Remover-

Gently removes makeup and dirt from pores. Contains natural plant extracts that replenish the skin while removing dirt, resulting in plump and soft skin.

150 ml / 5.1 fl oz

RECOMMENDED FOR: All Skin Types, Combo to Dry

Sale price$37.60 Regular price$47.00
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CLEAR GEL CLEANSE -Gentle Makeup Remover-
CLEAR GEL CLEANSE -Gentle Makeup Remover- Sale price$37.60 Regular price$47.00

Suggested Ritual

STEP1: Clear Gel Cleanse

Remove oil-based impurities such as makeup, sunscreen, excess keratin, and blackheads.

STEP2: Mineral Clay Foam

Effortlessly eliminate excess sebum, slough away dead skin cells, and banish impurities from your bare skin.


STEP3: Boost Serum

Promotes plump, soft skin by infusing the stratum corneum with nourishing ceramide. Enhances the absorption of lotions and serums.


STEP4: Refining Mist

Enriched with over 25 minerals, our high-quality natural water supports your skin's natural functions, helping you achieve healthy and beautiful results.


STEP5: Triple Repair

The main ingredients, including human oligopeptide, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, gently nourish your skin, promoting resilience and a radiant glow.



Japanese common skincare routinesremoving dirtis considered to be the most important process of skincare. Skin care starts from removing dirt on the skin. If dirt remains on the skin, active ingredients in lotions, serums, and creams will not penetrate the skin and produce benefits. We focused on thisremoving dirtand aimed to create a formulation that maximizes the effectiveness of skincare.


We may not usually referwateras a key ingredient in formulas, but it is certain thatwateris the only ingredient that enhances the function of the Clear Gel Cleanse. Japanesebeautyis deeply related to water, as symbolized by the culture of onsen (hot springs). Water born under special conditions has special ability to make the unwanted dirt to float away, prevent skin damage, and promote the penetration of ingredients. This is why we carefully selected thewaterto lead the skin from negative to positive transformation.


We are committed to protecting ecosystems. Clear Gel Cleanse has a high biodegradation rate, which means that wastewater after cleansing is decomposed in nature, without harming fish and microorganisms, thereby protecting the ecosystem. If the biodegradation rate of wastewater is low, toxic substances will remain in nature, leading to natural pollution. We are committed to focus on the biodegradation rate as it impacts the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Thyra Phillips
Skin type: Sensitive
Skin concerns: Dark circles/spots
Age: 55 to 64

Just started using the product. It feels great after rinsing. You actually can’t tell you have anything on your hands or face unless it gets in your mouth then it doesn’t taste great. My point is a little goes a long way even if you don’t think you have any product on your hands you do.

Sovia Sinn
Skin type: Sensitive
Skin concerns: Dullness
Age: 25 to 34
Gets the job done

I had been looking at this product for a while and once I got it, it says what it claims to do. It cleanses and leaves my skin not feeling too dry. Highly recommend.

Linda Luck
Skin type: Dry to mature
Skin concerns: Fine lines & wrinkles, Dark circles/spots, Dullness, Pores
Age: 65 or over

CLEAR GEL CLEANSE -Gentle Makeup Remover-

Marietta Acocella
Skin type: Combo to dry
Skin concerns: Dark circles/spots
Age: 65 or over


carol d
Great Pore cleanser

I have some large pores and I like to self tan pretty much all year and my pores just keep collecting all this applications and I look like I have blackheads. Some are but this CLEAR GEL CLEANSE is GREAT and my makeup and creams just melt away. I definitely recommend this product. Will order more.

Lou Wilson
Skin type: Combo to dry
Skin concerns: Acne, Fine lines & wrinkles, Eczema/rosacea, Pores
Age: 55 to 64

I love this product!

Gwen Fleshman

I reviewed yesterday. Do I get 15 coupon?

Jan Heston
Skin type: Combo to dry
Skin concerns: Fine lines & wrinkles, Dark circles/spots, Dryness, Pores, Firmness, Sun damage, Uneven skintone/texture
Age: 65 or over
Wonderful results

Skin is looking more even. Less pore issues. Less dry. So glad to have found this product. Very glad it has NO Scent. Thank you

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