Yuzu Ceramide - Nature's Gift for Radiant Skin-

In the pursuit of flawless skin, thorough yet gentle makeup removal is critical. After all, the first step to radiant skin begins with effective cleansing. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Citrus Junos Fruit Extract, one of the ingredients included in our hero product, Clear Gel Cleanse, to deepen our understanding of its effects.

In Japan, the Citrus Junos Fruit, known as "Yuzu," has a long history in Japanese culture, with its influence spanning various aspects. Yuzu peel and juice are beloved as seasoning ingredients in many traditional dishes for their rich aroma and unique flavor. Especially during the winter months, yuzu is floated in hot water not only to enjoy its fragrance and relax but also because it is said to excel in moisturizing the skin and promoting blood circulation. In fact, the presence of numerous beauty products in Japan that use yuzu as a primary ingredient suggests that it has become a part of Japan's health practices.

Yuzu Ceramide

The versatile yuzu boasts various benefits, and we have focused on "yuzu ceramide" it contains. One of the most remarkable aspects of this ingredient in our product is its similarity to ceramides, which naturally found in human skin. This similarity allows yuzu ceramide to be seamlessly integrated with the skin's lipid barrier, promoting optimal absorption and efficacy.

Effects of Clear Gel Cleanse

Now, what are the benefits of this natural yuzu ceramide contained in our makeup remover?

Moisture Retention:

Unlike conventional makeup removers that may leave the skin feeling tight or dry, yuzu ceramide formulations lock in moisture, preventing skin water loss. This helps maintain optimal hydration levels throughout the cleansing process and beyond, ensuring lasting comfort and radiance.

Barrier Function:

Yuzu ceramide comes to the rescue by replenishing essential ceramide, strengthening the skin's protective barrier, and restoring its natural balance. As a result, the skin feels smoother, softer, and more resilient against environmental aggressors.

We focus on each ingredient, formulating simple and efficient blends to maximize their effectiveness. Our makeup remover, which contains the natural secret weapon yuzu ceramide, achieves more than just cleansing dirt; it maintains and nurtures a healthy skin condition. Elevate your makeup removal routine to a new level with our product.

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