Q1. Do I have to rinse 30 times?
Our recommendation for 30 rinses is not limited to our cleansers.

Think of it as necessary for any cleanser and face wash.

The reason is that if stains have been entwined with dirt are left on your skin, the stains and cleansers themselves will irritate your skin. This is because it causes dryness, acne and pore troubles, and it interferes with the subsequent beauty essence.

In fact, many customers practice rinsing more than 30 times even at our beauty salon, and they feel the difference in the transparency of bare skin.

However, be careful here.

Many people actually rub their face even if they intend to rinse them lightly.

Doing so may irritate your skin, causing redness and dryness.

If you practice 30 rinses and get red or dry, you are probably rubbing your skin. (Skin becomes dry even when rinsing with hot water)

Instead of scrubbing your hands with scooped water, be aware that you don't touch your skin and soak your face with water.

After 30 rinses in that way, no redness can occur.

Q2. Does double face washing mean cleansing twice?

Our double face-wash refers to the two times of "1. cleansing → 2. face wash".

When cleaning your face, first cleanse with Clear Gel Cleanse and then clean with soap.

Cleansing only once is enough.

Even in the days when makeup is not applied, the skin has dirt in the air.

We recommend you to use Clear Gel Cleanse to wash away this stain and perform a double face wash.

 Q3. I have dry skin (sensitive skin), but is it okay to cleanse for a long time?

Since each person's skin type is different, we cannot generally say "0 minutes for dry skin and 0 minutes for sensitive skin". While we look at your skin and give you advice on cleansing and washing your face, we recommend 1 to 3 minutes for those with slightly dry skin, and to familiarize and remove it for those with sensitive skin.

When cleansing in morning and at night, you don't need to remove makeup in the morning, so cleanse lightly and wash thoroughly your face.

You remove makeup at night and shorten the cleansing time if you are concerned about dry skin.

If you have sensitive skin, we ask you to change the usage while checking the changes in your skin. For example, cleanse your skin fairly modestly in the morning and let your skin blend in with the gel at night.

Therefore, 5 minutes of cleansing is not good for everyone, so please adjust the cleansing time while listening to your own skin condition.

Please note that powerful cleansing that causes friction and cleansing with a small amount will put a load on the skin regardless of time.

Basically, cleanse gently so that your skin does not move, and when the cleansing dries, increase the amount a little.

Q4. Do I have to do deep cleansing?

Of course you can use it as usual not always.

As we interact with our customers at the clinic, we've heard many voices saying that deep cleansing with Clear Gel Cleanse will make your skin more beautiful.

In fact, many of our customers have changes in the texture and pores of their skin.

There is a high possibility that gentle and careful deep cleansing will be the short cut for having beautiful skin.

If you care the way of cleansing as gently massaging your face, you would be able to notice the differences in your skin.

Q5. Do I need a double face wash?

Double face wash is mandatory.

There are basically different types of dirt on makeup products and air, and dirt on bare skin.

Makeup products and dirt in the atmosphere are "oil", and dirt on bare skin is "protein".

These two have different properties, so even if you try to remove them with a single face wash item, you will leave two kinds of stains halfway.

Makeup products and dirt in the atmosphere are "oil", and dirt on bare skin is "protein".

These two have different properties, so even if you try to remove them with a single face wash, you will leave two kinds of stains halfway.

In order to wash off both at once, a correspondingly hard detergency is needed and the burden on skin is not good.

Q6. Please tell me a guideline for the amount used. How long does it last?

About 5 to 6 g is reported as a single usage amount. (Of course there are individual differences)

Therefore, one item can be used for about 25 to 30 days.

However, this is for use once a day (only at night).

We recommend at salons and clinics to use it twice a day (morning and evening).

We have also answered the question, "Do I need a double face wash?", but cleansing not only removes makeup but also other stains.

Therefore, if you want to make your skin look beautiful, it is ideal to use it once in the morning and evening.

There are many customers who have actually started to cleanse in the morning and at night, and their skin problems and skin quality have changed.