Reveling in the Timeless Wisdom of Double Cleansing

When it comes to achieving radiant and healthy skin, the skincare world often introduces us to various rituals and routines. One of the habits that has garnered attention for its transformative effect is double cleansing. It's a skincare routine that has been practiced in Japan for many years and is considered a secret to the youthful-looking, radiant skin that Japanese people often possess. In this blog, we will explore the essence of double cleansing, the role of makeup removers and face washes, and the cultural roots of this skincare phenomenon.

What is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing involves washing the skin twice. Initially, using an oi-based cleanser or makeup remover, followed by a water-based facial cleanser. The reason for this two-step process is to remove different types of impurities that adhere to the skin. While makeup removers addresses “oil-based” impurities, face washes tackle “protein-based” impurities, ensuring effective cleansing for both types of residues.


The Importance of Double Cleansing and Why You Need It

To thoroughly remove the various impurities accumulated on the skin throughout the day, double cleansing is essential. The significant differences it makes are as follows:

Thorough Makeup Removal

Stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara, long lasting foundation, and sunscreen can be challenging to completely remove with just a single cleansing. The accumulation of makeup residues is a leading cause of persistent dirt on the skin.

Prevention of Pore Clogging & Other Skin Issues

Through cleansing plays a crucial role in preventing the accumulation of impurities on the skin and within the pores. By ensuring effective cleansing, it mitigates the risk of pore blockages, blackheads, and reduces the potential for additional skin issues and dullness caused by accumulated dirt.

Enhanced Product Absorption

A clean and purified skin, free from impurities, enhances the effectiveness of subsequent skincare products. This allows serums, moisturizers and other skincare products to penetrate more effectively, ensuring their benefits are efficiently delivered and maximized.


Makeup Remover

Oil-based impurities, such as makeup and sunscreen, often contains oils that adhere to the skin. Regular cleansers may struggle to effectively break down and remove these types of impurities. Makeup remover attracts and dissolves oil-based impurities found in makeup, making it easy to cleanse away impurities.

That’s where Clear Gel Cleanse comes in as a highly recommended option. It’s water-like gel, gently envelops the skin, lifting and absorbing impurities from the skin and deep within the pores. Formulated with skin-friendly natural ingredients, it not only reduces the burden on your skin but also guides the skin towards a healthy and radiant glow.


Face Wash

On the other hand, face washes are crucial for addressing protein-based impurities. Our skin naturally produces sebum, a mixture of fats, proteins, and cellular debris. Additionally, sweat and environmental pollutants contribute protein-based impurities to the skin.

To effectively cleanse and address these impurities, double cleansing is essential. Alongside makeup remover, we recommend Mineral Clay Foam. Its fine, marshmallow-like foam effortlessly removes dirt. Enriched with mineral-rich clay, it not only cleanses but also moisturizes, leaving your skin feeling fleshed without any dryness.


The Origin of Double Cleansing in Japan

The tradition of double cleansing in Japan dates back to the world of geishas, female performers and entertainers. They adopted the double cleansing method to remove their distinctive white makeup called "oshiroi," composed of emollient oils and powder. Beginning with emollient oils to gently dissolve the makeup, followed by a foaming cleanser to eliminate residual oils and impurities. This tradition, continued over time, is now embraced not only in Japan but also by many worldwide, highlighting its effectiveness in skincare.

As we unveil the layers of the ritual, it becomes clear that double cleansing is not just a routine; it’s a profound expression of cultural wisdom and a commitment to skin health. Prioritizing thorough makeup removal, preventing pore-clogging, and optimizing product absorption, double cleansing transforms into a comprehensive strategy for nurturing the skin. The cultural origins trace back to the world of geishas, and this practice has now become an indispensable routine in our skincare, transcending time and borders.

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