Mastering Cleanse Techniques - Tips for Using Clear Gel Cleanse -

Our hero product, Clear Gel Cleanse

As we have introduced in other blogs, this product is gentle to the skin and effectively removes dirt and grime due to its plant-derived ingredients. While many have experienced its benefits, we're here to introduce even more effective ways to use this gel cleanser, whether you've already tried it or are new to it.

Water-like Gel Cleanser

Firstly, let's delve into the distinctive features of our product. Our gel cleanser utilizes a special water base with reduced surfactant content, thanks to patented methods. This water boasts excellent compatibility with the skin, effortlessly emulsifying oil and water without harsh scrubbing. This cleanser also enriched with plant-derived hyaluronic acid, it not only gently and effectively cleanses but also nourishes the skin, promoting its health.

Next, let's take a closer look at how to use Clear Gel Cleanse:

1. Washing Your Hands

In the first step of cleansing, how many of us actually wash our hands? Many tend to skip hand washing before cleansing, opting to cleanse while showering or wanting to quickly freshen up by the end of the day. However, diving into the cleansing routine without washing your hands can lead to further skin contamination due to residual oils and dirt. So start by thoroughly washing your hands, patting them dry, and ensuring they're clean before beginning the cleansing process.

2. Spreading the Formula on Your Palm

Dispense a nickel-sized amount of gel onto clean, dry hands and gently spread it across both palms. Then, massage the gel evenly onto your face. While our product is water-based, using a minimal amount of gel may cause friction on the skin. Using a generous amount and cushioning it on your skin can help reduce friction during cleansing.

3. Massaging & Blending

After applying the gel all over your face, gently massage it in slow, circular motions. Many tend to vigorously rub the cleanser onto their faces, believing it will enhance its efficacy. However, excessive force or speed can lead to skin pulling and damage, negating the purpose of cleansing. It's essential to be gentle with your skin, especially during cleansing, as it's already subjected to some degree of stress. Adjust the duration of cleansing, particularly for those with sensitive or dry skin, while observing your skin's response.

Keep the cleansing time to about 5 minutes. For those with sensitive or dry skin, adjust the duration to 1-3 minutes while observing your skin's condition.

4. Rinsing

Rinse with lukewarm water until the gel is completely washed away. For those planning to follow up with mineral clay for a double cleanse, proceed to the next step. It's crucial to rinse thoroughly without leaving any gel residue. However, be cautious not to create friction during rinsing or when drying your skin afterward with a towel.

Consistency is key

While our products are gentle on the skin, how you use them can further enhance their skin-friendly properties. Although immediate results are desirable, resorting to overly harsh cleansers or aggressive cleansing techniques can strip away essential oils, disrupting the skin's natural function. This ultimately delays the visible effects of cleansing.

Clear Gel Cleanse

We aspire to serve as a home care alternative to spa experiences. We also believe skincare goes beyond mere routines of cleansing and moisturizing. How about embracing the time spent with your skin as a moment of relaxation? Just as cleansing washes away daily stressors, consider it as a time to pamper yourself for overcoming the challenges of the day.

Continuing this practice can gradually transform both your skin and mindset, leading you towards a healthier state. That's why we pay attention not only to the ingredients of our products but also to their usage. In this way, understanding this dedication can elevate your skincare routine to a higher level, guiding you toward a beautiful, natural complexion. Why not revisit your cleansing routine with us, focusing on skincare that cherishes your natural beauty?

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