Daily Duo -A Guide to Morning & Night Routine-

In our previous blog posts, we emphasized the importance of double cleansing in a skincare routine. Have you considered incorporating this habit both in the morning and at night? Let's delve once again into the significance of double cleansing for achieving a radiant and healthy skin.

Japanese Cleansing Routine

Double cleansing has been a staple in Japanese skincare routines for generations. Thoroughly removing impurities from the skin not only prevents potential skin issues but also enhances the absorption of subsequent skincare products into clean and purified skin.

Reasons & Benefits of Double Cleansing in the Morning

Did you know that effective double cleansing is necessary in the morning too? Here are key reasons and benefits to consider:

Eliminates Overnight Impurities

Even with thorough skincare the previous night, the skin remains susceptible to external factors. While your skin undergoes a repair process during sleep, it acts like a magnet, attracting dirt, sweat, and sebum. Morning double cleansing is essential, removing overnight residues and preventing impurity accumulation.

・Balances Oil Production

Overnight, the skin may overproduce oils to compensate for dryness. Starting the day with thorough cleansing helps balance the skin's oil levels, promoting a more harmonious and well-balanced complexion.

Again, incorporating morning double cleansing not only removes accumulated dirt while sleeping but also ensures a fresh start to the day.

Why Double Cleanse Even Without Daytime Makeup

For an effective skincare routine, nightly cleansing is an indispensable step. While the importance of thorough makeup removal is well-known, even without daytime makeup, nighttime double cleansing has significant benefits.

・Environmental Pollutants & Impurities

Throughout the day, the skin is exposed to environmental pollutants, dust, and various impurities. Without thorough cleansing, these impurities can settle not only on the skin's surface but also in the pores, leading to potential skin issues.

・Natural Oils & Sebum Production

The skin naturally produces oils to maintain moisture during the day. However, when mixed with sweat and environmental debris, these oils can form a layer that single cleansing may not fully remove.

This is how our skin accumulates impurities unnoticed throughout the day, and even with diligent skincare, accumulated dirt can lead to further skin issues. Especially at night, when skin regeneration and repair are most active, thorough cleansing is essential to promote this natural process.

Fleuri's DUO

Here, we recommend Fleuri's Clear Gel Cleanse and Mineral Clay Foam for both morning and night double cleansing. Our products prioritize gentleness on the skin without compromising on effectiveness. Formulated with natural ingredients, they gently care for your skin while effectively removing impurities, excess sebum, and daily dirt. Washing your face excessively in an attempt to thoroughly remove dirt can strip away the natural oils and ceramides that your skin needs to maintain its barrier function. However, our products are designed to be part of your daily routine, ensuring you don't have to worry about damage or irritation. Fleuri skincare is essential daily companion for achieving radiant, healthy-looking skin.

In this way, you can see how important double cleansing is in both the morning and night. Understanding this effectiveness and maintaining a thorough cleansing routine contributes to the cleanliness and health of your skin. With simple and user-friendly Fleuri products integrated into your daily life, you can effortlessly continue your skincare routine. Why not join us in revisiting the basics of skincare to achieve healthy and beautiful skin?

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