What type of pore problem do you have?

The causes and treatment methods of "pore problems" are different depending on pore types.

Say goodbye to pores with proper skincare.

Typical Pore Problems and Causes


Small black bumps appear on the nose and T-zone and cause rough texture.

Blackheads occur when sebum, dead skin cells, and makeup residue get clogged in pores and oxidize. The cause of this could be excessive sebum production and dirt left on the skin.

Also, using Pore Strips and other products can enlarge pores, and then sebum and dirt block pores, making it even more noticeable.

・Open Pores

Pores on the cheeks, nose, and forehead appear opened and noticeable.

Open pores occur when excessive sebum production buildup in pores and stretch pores out.

Oily or dry skin is more likely to suffer from excessive sebum production.

The reason why dry skin produces more sebum is because when the stratum corneum, the surface layer of the skin, loses moisture, the "barrier function" will be impaired, which protects the skin from external stimuli such as UV rays.

・Sagging Pores

The pores on the cheeks are stretched vertically due to sagging skin.

If left untreated, the pores may connect each other and form grooves, which cause further problems such as linear wrinkles.

Sagging skin occurs due to the malfunction of the dermis, which supports the skin (epidermis). This is mainly caused by the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin from ageing and UV damage.

Blackheads Treatment

There are two types of impurities: external impurities such as make-up and sebum, and protein impurities such as dead skin cells, so using two types of cleanser is required to thoroughly remove these impurities.

・Causes : Skip double cleansing and dirt left behind

・Prevention:Double cleanse to thoroughly purify pores

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Clinical trial results have been achieved when using Clear Gel Cleans and Mineral Clay Foam together.

Open Pores Treatment

・Causes: Excessive sebum production causes clogged pores due to impaired skin texture and barrier function.

・Prevention : Unclog pores with double cleansing, improve skin barrier function and moisture retention to reduce excessive sebum production.

CLEANSING & SMOOTH TRIO for everyone concerned about open pores.

Sagging pore care

・Causes : Enlarged pores with loss of firmness and elasticity due to aging and external stimuli.

・Prevention:Unclog pores with double cleansing, reduce sebum secretion, and provide anti-aging care that targets firmness and elasticit.

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Review your skincare routine for each problem and achieve flawless skin.

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