Double cleansing leads to flawless skin

CLENSING in Japanese skincare has been valued since the Edo Period (1603 to 1868).

People used to wash their face with rice bran, which is obtained while polishing rice.

It is the origin of very popular skincare ingredient, "Rice Water".

Double cleansing is a must in Japanese skincare ritual.
The reason why double cleansing is important is that there are two types of impurities on the skin and they cannot be removed with just washing once.

・Oil-based impurities (makeup and sunscreen)

・Protein-based impurities (dead skin cells)

Since oil-based and protein-based impurities have different properties, using two types of cleanser can effectively helps remove dirt.

Using just one cleanser may lift away both dirt from the skin, but it requires strong cleansing power and this will damage the skin.

So, double cleaning is a great way to pursuit the gentleness to the skin.

When dirt is left on your skin, it can interfere with the penetration of skincare ingredients and cannot deliver maximum effects.

Here is Fleuri cleansing method that helps create a healthy skin foundation that can absorb skincare ingredients with the combination of gentleness and cleansing power.

<Clear Gel Cleanse - makeup remover - >

Clinical trials* have been proven to " reduce clogged pores" " significantly reduce sebum production" and "improve skin texture".

* Efficacy results of one-time and 12-week clinical trials using Clear Gel Cleanse on the skin of 10 subjects.

The patented water has excellent "emulsifying power" to remove dirt, so it is gentle on the skin yet provides powerful cleaning effects.

<Mineral Clay Foam - face wash - >

Absorbs and removes dead skin cells and dirt deep inside pores. The dense foam acts as a cushion to minimize the burden on the skin.

Formulated with mineral-rich clay that has been nurtured for many years at the bottom of the Japanese sea, it helps remove dirt and leave the skin moisturized after washing.

The following clinical trial results have been shown when using these two together.

Free yourself from pore problems and achieve perfect skin.

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